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ElderCenter, Inc. “Home Away From Home"

For the caregivers and their elderly loved ones in Iredell County


​​​"​ElderCenter is a nonprofit that does amazing work keeping our seniors active and social at a very low cost. This allows caregivers to continue working or get personal time for themselves.  Please help us in keeping ElderCenter serving our community.  The staff and this program is a God-send to me and my mom."   Joni Stone, Caregiver & Daughter

“ElderCenter is the most wonderful place in our town.  The staff is kind and helpful to all the clients. I know when I send Donna there, she will be well taken care of.  Thank you.”  Dot Herb, Caregiver & Mother     


“Attending ElderCenter helps to keep Edwin's mind active, he has friends to talk with as well as great caregivers.  He exercises at ElderCenter, he won't exercise at home because he is not motivated to do so, families on a fixed income can afford this care and when clients attend it gives family members time for appointments, shopping and other various appointments.”  Betty Thomas, Caregiver & Wife


​“The ElderCenter staff has such a wonderful gift in caring for the elderly.  My mother loves them.  They provide meals, arts and crafts, field trips, etc.  These activities keep her mind and body focused and active.” Anonymous


“My mom is 100 years old and loves the ElderCenter.  It gets her out of the house and around other folks.  They have a staff that looks after everything, providing meals as well as all kinds of activities.  So take your love ones and look for yourselves - you will not be disappointed.” Clyde Hollar, Caregiver & Son


“In addition to other serious medical issues, my husband was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. Finding the ElderCenter was one of those true blessings in our lives.  It allows him to spend quality time with people he can relate to.  There are great activities, good food, and a loving, compassionate staff.  He has loved going there since his first day and we’re seeing some positive changes in him.  All of the clients seem to be happy and have a good time with all of the staff. We are so thankful for this facility and the wonderful staff.”  Brenda Richards, Caregiver & Wife


“My husband, Robert, loves the ElderCenter for the staff's loving care and the social atmosphere.  On the weekends he asks, "Am I going to the center today?"  When I leave him there I don't worry about him at all, the care is outstanding.  The facility is lovely, neat and clean all the time.  The well planned activities keep these folks moving and entertained throughout the days.” Elaine Dante, Caregiver & Wife

“With the death of our mother in 2006 the responsibility for the care of my 55 year old Down Syndrome brother fell to me, my wife and brother. Since none of us could quit our jobs, we were desperate. Through God and the United Way we found ElderCenter. ElderCenter became his second home, the staff his new family and the happiest chapter of his life began. 

He had new friends, learned to dance and sing, play games - and most importantly, he knew he was loved. ElderCenter gave him a new life and made it possible for us to continue ours.” Mr. Jim White, Caregiver & ElderCenter Board Member

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