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Our vision is to provide quality, compassionate Adult Day Care Services for your loved ones in Iredell County.



Adult Day Care 

Today, Iredell Adult Day Services provides adult day care in a community-based setting with transportation, meals, and professional supervision. Daily, planned activities help to slow the process of dementia and other illnesses. Activities also nurture participants’ personal independence for social, physical, and emotional well-being. 



Adults are eligible to participate in our program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Walk without assistance (wheelchairs and walkers may qualify)

  • Mentally alert, able to communicate with others

  • Be able to feed and toilet themselves          

  • Submit medical exam and application        

  • Personal interview with staff and family         

  • Attend the program at least 2 days per week

Application for Enrollment

Once you have printed and completed our Enrollment Application, please contact Debbie Howell at 704.873.0720 to arrange an interview regarding your loved one's needs.

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