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Iredell Adult Day Services – the leading provider of affordable adult day care services in Iredell county

About Us


As many of us anticipate and prepare for our golden years, we may also find ourselves caring for our aging parents who have reached that horizon. 

Whether unexpected or planned, when senior care becomes a family decision, Iredell Adult Day Services (formerly known as ElderCenter) in Statesville, NC, may very well have an ideal solution for your situation. Iredell Adult Day Services offers adult day care services in a comfortable home environment. Many local families find IADS a helpful solution to avoid placing a loved one prematurely into an institution setting. 

You’ll be welcomed through the doors by a caring, professional staff member and find all the nuances of a home: a sunlit, comfy environment, friendly smiles, and the lively energy of people socializing. At Iredell Adult Day Services, loved ones can participate in fellowship and positive stimulation rather than be left unattended or homebound. One goal of IADS is to keep seniors as independent and active as possible to foster quality of life as they age.

Our History

Nearly 35 years ago, ElderCenter (as it was known then) opened its doors after a study in Iredell revealed the biggest need in our county was for supervised adult day care. Committee members of the Iredell Council on Aging initiated a community-wide call for resources to meet this senior care void. First Presbyterian Church of Statesville donated $5,000 to encourage other churches to support the need for an elder care center. Our Department of Social Services (DSS) promptly funded 10 participants, and the State of North Carolina offered a grant. ElderCenter also applied for a United Way venture grant, which was awarded to the new organization.

Today, Iredell Adult Day Services provides adult day care for people over 50 in a community-based setting with transportation, meals, and professional supervision. Daily, planned activities help to slow the process of dementia and other illnesses. Activities also nurture participants’ personal independence for social, physical, and emotional well-being. 

Iredell Adult Day Services depends on private funding sources to manage expenses and services. Currently, adult day care is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 am until 5:00 pm. 

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