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  • Tammie Money

Improve Quality of Life Through Adult Care

Dear Community Members,

Did you know that the National Institute on Aging has shown that individuals with chronic illness, physical disabilities, memory or brain disorders stay happier and healthier with social interaction and activities?

For close to 35 years Iredell Adult Day Services, aka ElderCenter, has been providing care for adults with disabilities, mental cognition issues or other vulnerable groups in order to keep them as independent and active as possible while living at home with their loved ones. We also welcome folks who are lonely, isolated, depressed or seeking activity. Additionally, their loved ones can continue to work outside the home insuring that their financial situation remains stable. We provide activities, games, arts and crafts, group exercise and day trips along with dietician approved breakfast, lunch and light snacks.

We invite you to come to the center, see how productive and engaged our clients are. Meet

the staff. Witness for yourself how the staff relates and cares for our clients, demonstrating

nothing but love and compassion for each and every person we serve.

If you have a loved one who needs day supervision, but you want to keep them home with you rather than sending them to a nursing home, Iredell Adult Day Services is your answer. Our daily cost is reasonable, and we do offer scholarships.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 704.873.0720.

Yours in service,

Tammie Money

Executive Director

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